Feb 192011

Hi all,

today we want to make a simple report of 13 files with FTK3.

TIPS (or BUG) 1:

We start the WIZARD with only two options:  “Case Information” and “File Properties“.

We have 13 checked Files:

Let’s go:

The creation report start…. and it start to export files…… 489459 files !!!!


Something of wrong??

TIPS (or BUG) 2:

For every file  (on NTFS FILE SYSTEM) extract this  with the report wizard:


This is the Record date on FTK3 GUI:

And this is the REPORT:

Where’s the “Record Date“?

TIPS (or BUG) 3:

You want to change the report. So, you make your change:

…and then the report quit.


Before generate another report: delete the folder.

UPDATE 24/02/2011: TICKET IN WORKING (from AD).

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