Mar 062011

About this POST: FTK3 Report TIPS (or bug?) these are the fixs (or knowledge) by ACCESSDATA SUPPORT.

Issue 1: More files are getting exported than were intended.

“This happened because in the ‘Selected Categories’ you had File Items checked, and Checked Items checked. This told FTK to export all files. To stop this behavior, put the checkmark only in ‘Checked Items’. FTK was doing exactly what the options told it to do”.

Issue 2: Record Date not showing in the report.

“This likely occurred because the column settings were not chosen in the File Properties options window. You’ll need to make certain that the correct column template is chosen by selecting ‘Columns’ in the report wizard, File Properties category”.

Issue 3: Unable to crate a report after deleting the old report from within FTK.

“I was unable to duplicate this issue. Things worked just fine when I deleted an old report to put the new report in the same location. It looks as though it is a rights issue for some reason. We may need to discuss this issue over the phone”.

Special thanks to Mike (AccessData Support).

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